A Manipulation of Motivation in Daily Life using Mental Imagery

Employing Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) we assess concepts relevant to mood and motivation in the daily life of individuals with depressive symptoms. In addition, participants are asked to perform exercises that use mental imagery to promote the engagement in activities via an app on several days. This study, thereby, elucidates the links between relevant concepts in daily life and how they are impacted by mental imagery exercises outside the lab.

Preregistration: https://osf.io/kytpe

Researchers: Andreas Paetsch, Lotte Lemmens, Alberto Jover Martínez, & Fritz Renner

Imagery induced Motivation Assessed using Pupillometry

In this study we compare the emotion and motivation enhancing quality of mental imagery of activities to abstract verbal thought concerning identical material. We use self-report measures as well as pupil dilation as a physiological measure of emotional arousal during mental imagery of activities or abstract verbal thought. This study will provide novel insights into the emotional impact of mental imagery by investigating the physiological response via pupil dilation in addition to subjective self-report.

Preregistration: https://osf.io/93yvu

Researchers: Andreas Paetsch, Hannah Bär, Max Schneider, & Fritz Renner