Mental Imagery as Reward Amplifier

In this lab-based study we test the effects of prospective mental imagery in a sample of participants showing mild symptoms of anhedonia. Specifically we test if the motivational impact of ‚affective forecasting‘, i.e. mental imagery’s capacity to generate rich multisensory and emotionally salient experiences of planned reward activities, is moderated by participants‘ hedonic capacity, as assessed with the Temporal Experience of Pleasure Scale (TEPS; Gard et al., 2006).


Researchers: Max Heise, Jessica Werthmann, & Fritz Renner

Reward Imagery as Motivational Amplifier

In this lab-based study we tested whether the motivational effects of prospective mental imagery are facilitated by the explicit reference to the positive emotions associated with planned reward activities. By this we hope to gain a more sustained understanding of the mechanisms involved in
mental imagery interventions. This is highly relevant for CBT, as it could inform both the
design of effective new treatments as well as the targeted use of prospective mental imagery as an adjunct to existing ones.


Researchers: Max Heise, Jessica Werthmann, & Fritz Renner

Web-based Imagery Behavioural Activation

In this online study we aim to test the feasibility and effects of an extended 4-session imagery activity planning training, delivered over the internet. The study will be conducted with volunteers from the general population who report mild to moderate feelings of low mood and sadness based on established cut-offs on a self-report rating scale and who fulfill diagnostic criteria according to the DSM-5 for a major depressive episode on a structured interview.

We will measure behavioral activation, mental well-being and changes in depressive symptoms over the course of the study. We will explore the feasibility and acceptability of the training program through session attendance, completion rates, written feedback and self-report questionnaires.

Researchers: Max Heise, Luisa Treiss, Leonard Morrissey, Franziska Stowasser, Jessica Werthmann, & Fritz Renner

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Researchers: Andreas Paetsch, Hannah Bär, Max Heise, Sanne Bruijniks, & Fritz Renner